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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . 2007 Worlds Just around the Corner - Central Oahu Jiu-Jitsu Fundraiser
Submitted by:Kid Peligro

2007 World BJJ Championships

The 2007 Worlds is just around the corner. This important event takes place on August 23 through the 26th at the Cal State Long Beach University Pyramid. Top fighters from around the World are coming to compete including current Absolute Champion “Xande” Ribeiro, Roger Gracie, Andre Galvao, Rodrigo “Comprido”, Celso Vinicius, Felipe Costa, Mike Fowler, Dai Yoshioka, Antonio Braga Neto, Wellington “Megaton”, Bernardo Pitel, “Guigo”, Leo Dalla, Jack Mc Vicker, Luka Dias, Yusuke Homna, Tohyama Hinomori, Sekiguchi Kazumasa, Jason Brudvik and the list is growing daily.

For more info and to sign up go to:

To register for this historical event go to:

Check out the list of confirmed athletes so far at:

Be there or miss the biggest BJJ event in years

Central Oahu Jiu-Jitsu Academy Fundraiser

Central Oahu Jiu-Jitsu is holding a fundraiser this Sunday July 29th between 5PM-10PM at the Shack in Mililani Hawaii. If Central Oahu BJJ sounds familiar its because its the place that all the big name BJJ seminars have been held lately, such names as Leo Vieira, Murilo Bustamante, Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros, Shaolin Ribeiro and world BJJ absolute Champion Xande Ribeiro.

There will be lots of door prizes including Videos, shirts, and a couple signed Kid Peligro BJJ books, there will also be live music by Solstice and Kaala Boys, and a special Tahitian dance performance.

Please come enjoy and help support BJJ in Hawaii!! Aloha J.D

The Cost: $15.00
Time: 5-10PM
Location: The Shack in Mililani, Oahu HI

Door Prizes donated by:

BJJMart. com
Hawaii Fighting Championship
Da Hui
OTM Fight Shop Honolulu
Double Vision Films
Ground Assault Fight Wear
No H8trs inc.
Kid Peligro

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,
Kid Peligro

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Bruce A. Tafoya:


Here are the details:

Sat 07 Jul 2007 – Open Division – I got matched up with the heaviest guy in the tournament, about 140kg. The charged me at the start of the fight and pushed me out of bounds, then at the re-start we tied up and I tried for a single leg and was stopped, then we danced around and he made no attempt to take me down or throw me and we went out of bounds again. At the re-start I immediately shot in for double leg, he sprawled down with his weight and I caught a fist to my right eye which shoved my hard contact lenses into the corner of my eye. I trapped his arm as he was trying to grab my collar (he never got my collar), I locked his arm and tried to sit out to take the back but could not budge him, then I tried to sit out the other way to arm lock him, again could not budge him (imagine trying to do this to Carlão), we went out of bounds. Referee stops the fight and called the medics for my eye, after two minutes of trying to get my contact back over or out of my eye, the medics were ending the fight saying I was unable to continue, I protested and refused to accept this decision and I went back onto the mat and told the referee it was my decision to fight not the medics. So they allowed me to continue to fight and I pulled half guard, again the weight stopped me, he sprawled and crawled over into side control, 3 points for the bad guy. The rest of the fight he layed on me and he got 2 disadvantages for stalling, 1 more and he is disqualified. Unlucky draw of opponents, but nonetheless I lose, he wins, boring fight! Good news is I got hit again in the same eye during the fight and the contact went back into place. He ended up taking third, losing to the eventual champion by referee’s decision in the semi-finals.

Sun 08 Jul 2007 – Middle Weight Division – I had two fights, the first fight I shot in with a fireman’s carry to take him down, 2 points for the good guy, and I got put into half guard with me on top, I passed his guard and immediately went to front mount, I did not get the 3 points for passing the guard because I did not control the position for the 3 seconds because I went to the front mount so I got 4 points. He then went into a turtle position where I got one hook in, I could not get the other hook in, I stretched his arm and went for an inverted arm bar, he defended and I switched to a kimura arm lock repositioned my body and legs, flipped him over and submitted him with the kimura arm lock about half way through the match. The second fight, the finals was tough, he pulled guard, I opened his guard, I stood up, he put in the De La Riva, I looked for a leg lock but he had my collar so I did not attempt the leg lock, next thing I know I am flat on my ass, damn I just got swept, 2 point for the bad guy, he was standing up so I was going to go for another leg lock but the referee stopped the fight because he said I could not grapevine his leg for the leg lock, so I transitioned into the x-guard and swept his ass back, 2 points for the good guy, he put me back in his open guard, I went to two knees and under hooked both his leg, stood up and flipped him over to the turtle position where he immediately stood up, I took him down but we ended up out of bounds so I got an advantage. The referee re-started the fight standing up, he pulled closed guard, he attempted a choke which I did not defend because it was not threatening and I did not want the referee to give him an advantage for a choke attempt, he over hooked my arm and was trying to attempt an arm lock which I defended before to he could get any type of lock, and that’s the way it ended. I won 2x2, but I had the 1 advantage. Yeah, I win the championship!

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Hillary approves of Jiu-Jitsu

Senator praises teaching of Jiu-Jitsu to children
Jiu-Jitsu instructor Pedro Valente living in Miami participated in the Opportunity for Every Child project, led by US senator and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. The event took place in the North Beach Elementary school in Miami Beach, Florida. The goal of the meeting was to present and discuss the education of children three to five years of age with teachers from several schools. At the meeting, Pedro stressed the importance of Jiu-Jitsu in educating youths based on the work of his brother Guilherme, which he has been carrying out in his gym with 250 children. Hillary showed great interest in the theme presented saying, “I firmly believe in the benefits of martial arts for children.”


2007 World Jiu-Jitsu No Gi Championship

It is true ! ! ! After the success of the 2007 No Gi Pan=Ams the IBJJF is launching the inaugural World BJJ No Gi tournament. The event will take place on December 2, 2007 at the Cal State Dominguez Hills University in So. Cal.

For more info go to



Event Date: 14-Jul-07
Event Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Grove City, oh,
43123, United States
Phone: 860-295-0403
Event Email:
Event Website:
Event Contact: Kipp Kollar or Joe Cuff


The Black Fly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Event Date: 21-Jul-07
Event Time: doors open 8:30 am
Location: Farmington, ME,
04938, United States
Phone: 207-778-0485
Event Fax:
Event Email:
Event Website:
Event Contact: Endo Danforth

More Information,
Divisions for White, Blue, Purple, and combined Brown/Black. Divisions for Women.
2 Absolute Divisions (under 175/over 175) with $500 cash prize for each winner.

All competitors guaranteed at least 2 matches.
All pre-registered fighters will receive a sweet Black Fly T-shirt!
There is nothing like summer in Maine. Come support this event!!!


This year "America's Favorite Tournament" will take place October 20 and 21, 2007 at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

Please mark the dates on your calendars so you can make plans to attend in October. Organized, fun, and friendly come and find out why the U.S. Open is "America's Favorite Tournament."
We've made arrangements with The Beachview Inn for those traveling to Santa Cruz in October to participate in the U.S. Open.

phone: (831) 476-7650

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hello my friends,

if anyone would like to join us especially in the summer, learning the Art of the best techniques for the most popular and strongest martial art worldwide - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (art for men and women at any age) ..

then, welcome to Emirates Brazilian Top Team under Carlos Santos supervision - located in Abu Dhabi Health Club - Equitation Club, Judo and Wrestling Federation ..

for more news
photo (right to left-standing): Hafiz, Ahemd,Sid (Brazilian coach), Yaro, (right to left, setting) Ahmed and Hasan
member of BTT, Abu Dhabi 07/08/2007



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Adolfo Tozi absolute master champion
31-year-old beat 6 opponents today

Adoldo César Tozi - brother of Brazilian champion Roberto Tozi - became the absolute black belt champion at the masters´ category of the International Masters´ and Seniors´ Championship today, by defeating six adversaries of a very competitive field. He defeated Evandro Pena in the final at about 6pm in Rio, in the gym of Tijuca Tênis Clube, by aplying a foot lock 4:23min into the fight. Evandro had overcome a tough crowd himself to get to the final, including world champion Rodrigo Comprido.

In the absolute categories of the seniors´ championships, the winners were:

Seniors 1 - Marco Antônio Barbosa, defeating Paulo "Peposo" Curi.

Seniors 2 - Wellington Dias, defeating Cláudio Domingos.

Seniors 3 - Helvécio Pena, defeating Stephen John Kamp.

Seniors 4 - Teimoc Johnston, defeating Edelmans Pereira.

Seniors 5 - Maurício Robbe, defeating Celio Caneca


BJJ June tournament results Bahrain BJJ academy
Hi Carlos I have some news for you, I decided to have one competetion every end of Month for my students, so we had the first one on the 28 of June, I made three caegories under 80KG, over 80KG and open wieght, it was a great tournament, the results are below:

Bahrain Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy
BJJ June Tournament Results

Under 80 KG 1st place Mr. Abdulla Al Shaikh

Over 80 KG 1st place Mr. Hisham Noor

Open wieght 1st place Mr. Hisham Noor

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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Kid and the Swiss - 4th Maui Open - Alliance Camp
Submitted by:Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro and his Swiss Visit

Kid was recently in Switzerland to check out the new MAX Entertainment Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:MXEH) and G-4 Alliance. While there Kid was not only checking out the new organization and its plans for the near future but he was also able to visit the Swiss countryside and taste if their cheese is all that it’s cracked up to be (it is! )
But not everything in life is hard work and Kid, under the invitation of his hosts Augusto Frota (one of G4’s leaders) and Joergen Kaefer, trained at Frota’s Academy. The training at the academy is top notch, the Swiss are truly great hosts and friendly but be warned, they do train hard! As luck would have it, also training there for the week was Kid’s good friend Marko Leisten, who doubles as a G4 leader and ADCC Europe’s President.
Big thanks to my hosts Frota, Kaefer and Leisten and a special thanks to Frota’s team for their kindness. And as the Finns would says: “Aika! Aika!” (ADCC Finnish inside joke)

Alliance All Star Summer Camp
Once again Alliance brings to you the top athletes and a great opportunity to learn from the best. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Alliance’s head coach Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti along with Fabio Gurgel, Fernando “Soluco” de Pierro, Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles and Tarsis Humphreys will be teaching two classes a day followed by a conditioning session. Get ready for the world championships by training with the best and watching how they prepare themselves.

• When: August 14th – 21st
• Where: 6331 Roswell Rd, Atlanta GA 30338
(404) 843 - 0606

Members pay $300 and non-members pay $400. Alliance will provide a shuttle service to bring students from the local hotels to the academy. In addition we will be working with local companies to help provide food and accommodation for all at an affordable price. For more information and details on how to register call Alliance at
(404) 843-0606.

4th Annual Maui Jiu-Jitsu Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament
War Memorial Gymnasium, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
Saturday, July 28, 2007

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your organization to attend and compete in the 4th annual Maui Jiu-Jitsu open Tournament. The event will take place on Saturday, July 28, 2007 at the War Memorial Gymnasium in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii. We also welcome back all who attended last year’s event. We expect this year’s tournament to be even larger, with bigger and better competition!
Competition will consist of matches in all belt levels and weight divisions with medals, trophies, and prizes to the winners as well as the always competitive team competition, with trophies and prizes to the top three teams. As with the growth of our sport, we at Maui Jiu-Jitsu are always striving to expand and improve on our tournament. At this time, we are planning to hold several exhibition matches between black belt competitors. Anyone locally here who are interested – please contact us.
Due to the growth of our tournament, we are implementing a new registration and weigh-in system to help facilitate a timely start and finish to the event. Please pay close attention to the changes made in order to ensure an enjoyable and problem free tournament experience. For more info go to

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,
Kid Peligro

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Carlinhos Gracie wants to make a BJJ World Champ with no gi

Photo by Marcelo Alonso

The president of the BJJ Brazilian Confederation (CBJJ), Carlinhos Gracie said in an exclusive conversation with site TATAME of June that studies the possibility of doing a BJJ World Championship with no gi. “The BJJ with no gi is growing for all over the world. It has the possibility of goes to the Olympic Games, so it is the time for us to prepare the BJJ athletes for that. It is the time for us to do high level Championships, with belt ranking. We will also get into this market”, said Carlinhos Gracie at the TATAME magazine #136.
The leader of Gracie Barra showed to be pretty excited about the sports grow for all over the world. “ has been always the biggest BJJ polo of the world, so that is why the BJJ World Champ always has been done here. Now the United States have become also a great polo, the prove of that is the Pan American Games, that were 1700 athletes registered under the BJJ category”, said him.


Part of His Majesty King Abdullah II
Private Royal Guards training
session Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Of Jordan

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k news:

Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . International Masters and Seniors and more
Submitted by:Kid Peligro

International Masters and Seniors Brackets are up

The 2007 International Masters and Seniors Brackets are now up. A veritable who’s who of the Masters and Seniors divisions are competing this year including Fabio Gurgel, Rodrigo “Comprido”, Wellington “Megaton”, Jorge “Macaco”, Eduardo Telles, Pedro Duarte, Jack Mc Vicker and David Jacobs (note Dave is competing in his own age group! : ) )
To check the entire brackets go to:

Hollywood Actor Doing Ginastica Natural ? !

Star actor Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator & Blood Diamond) got together with Professor Alvaro Romano in Los Angeles, Ca. Hounsou is currently involved in a movie project that revolves around fighting and in his research he came across the Natural Movements of Ginastica and received a Ginatica Natural for Fighters DVD directly from Professor Alvaro Romano. Hounsou and Romano talked about the possibility of incorporating those movements in training and choreography of scenes for the movie

Reyson Gracie
Following on from his successful tour of Europe last year, Master Professor Reyson Gracie returns this autumn for a longer and larger tour, in celebration of his 65th birthday this year.
Master Reyson Gracie is the third son (seventh child) of Professor Carlos Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is himself red belt 9th degree in BJJ. His perhaps biggest achievement was to introduce BJJ into the Brazilian state of Amazonas in the 1970s, which greatly contributed to the rise of the discipline in Brazil , and around the world.
Master Reyson already toured several European countries last year, giving seminars to packed audiences at academies in Switzerland , Germany , Greece and France . Franco Vacirca , head of Gracie Academy in Zurich , and David and Nicolas Saussaye, heads of Reyson Gracie Le Mans, were the “engineers” behind the successful tour in 2006. This year, to celebrate his 65th birthday, Reyson is returning for a month-long tour of Europe, taking in more countries and academies, with the aim of building stronger bridges between the BJJ communities of Europe and Brazil .
Throughout his career Master Reyson has placed a strong emphasis on the spiritual dimensions of BJJ, seeing it as a philosophy of life rather than just a sport, and he will emphasise this in his seminars: “The art of BJJ is about technique rather than physical strength. In the same way, understanding why and how the art is used requires thought and reflection” he says.
Reyson also believes strongly in the importance of promoting BJJ to women and children, groups that are often overlooked. “The BJJ community should be an inclusive one. The learning of BJJ gives the individual a greater understanding of themselves, physically and mentally, and as a result more self-confidence. It also provides important skills in self-defence. These are things that should be available to everyone, and which you are never too young to start learning.” To this end, Reyson wants the tour to be inclusive, and where facilities are available, will also be including extra sessions just for children.
The tour, which will be happening during the whole month of September, will start off at nephew Roger’s academy in London , and will finish with a visit to Dumfries, in Scotland , where the Gracie family can trace back its European ancestors.
For more information, visit the website at . Students and others interested in attending one of his seminars should get in touch with their local academy to find out what plans they have to invite Reyson to present there.

Jonatas Gurgel in Jordan

Nova Uniao black belt teaches at Mirza Team.
The Two time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion who arrived June 3rd, 2007, will be holding a training camp for the Jordanian National Team. The camp purpose is to assist in the preparation for the World Tournament held in California during the month of August, 2007. Along with Jonatas is another BTT Black Belt Pedro Galiza. The two will be conducting a workshop at one of their friends academy, Zaid Mirza (Cassio Werneck Brown Belt) who is the founder and Board Secretary of the Jordanian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Mirza introduced Braziian Jiu-Jitsu in Jordan 4 years ago and already counts with a record of 1000 students in the capital. Jordan Team will be competing in all weight classes at the Mundials confirmed the board secretary, making a historic participation of an Arab Country in the Mundials.
All three BJJ experts will also be conducting seminars for the Jordanian Armed Forces. His Highness Prince Hussein Mirza who Presides the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Jordan welcomed the Brazilian instructors in the Kingdom and said to be very pleased with the outcome of the immense expansion of the gentle art in the country. The Jordanian BJJ Federation has also recently added Submission Wrestling and MMA under its umbrella.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this training camp which offers daily classes as well as privates for children, adults and women of all ages.

For more information on the training camp, please visit our site and contact us

Youth Champ Camp with Matt Hughes, Mike Swain, Carlos Machado & Tx USA wrestling

Brought to you by Dollamur Martial Arts
Re-energize your youth grappling,MMA, BJJ, self-defense or Judo program with World Class Champions.
· 9 x UFC Champion Matt Hughes - MMA Champ Camp

· 5 x Judo Olympian Mike Swain (no-gi) Judo clinch, sweeps takedowns

· World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Carlos Machado - submission grappling

Also reps from USA wrestling and Marc Fiore the former head coach of US Army wrestling team. The Art of War is also coming along and brining their Throwdown cage for everyone to check out. You can buy advanced tickets for USA vs Brazil at the event.

Dallas Convention Center
August 10th and 11th

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,
Kid Peligro

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Stars in the International Master and Senior
The competition takes place this weekend, in Rio

Set for this coming weekend, in the Tijuca Tennis Club gymnasium, in Rio de Janeiro, the International Master and Senior Championship 2007 will be a true showcase for famous people. As ascertained by, well-known Brazilian men of the woven cloth are on the official list of those signed up. Fighting for the gold in their respective categories will be people of the caliber of Fabio Gurgel, Rodrigo Comprido, Eduardo Telles, Wellington Megaton, Marcos Barbosa and Pedro Duarte.

Tomorrow the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (CBJJ) and the International Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) will do the final checks and release the official chronogram of the event, with the times each of the categories will be disputed. On Friday the brackets will be defined.

Refer to the pre-chronogram and stay tuned to for more information:
Blue Master - All weights, except absolute
Blue Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – All weights, except absolute
Brown Master and Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - ABSOLUTE
Black Master and Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - ABSOLUTE
Purple Master - All weights, except absolute
Purple Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - All weights, except absolute


Brown Master - All weights, except absolute
Brown Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - All weights, except absolute
Blue Master and Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - ABSOLUTE
Purple Master and Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - ABSOLUTE
Black Master - All weights, except absolute
Black Senior 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - All weights, except absolute

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CBJJE World Championship: money prizes
The Sportive BJJ Brazilian Confederation (CBJJE) will do its first World Championship. The competition will be held in 27, 28 and 29 of July at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium, in São Paulo. The registrations can be done from July 02nd until July 19th. All the black belt categories will have money prizes; all of the money together costs R$14 thousand. The absolute, that will have the biggest money prize of R$1.500 thousand for the big champion, will be divided by two categories: under 79kg and absolute free.