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Relson Gracie, 8th Degree Red-Black Belt

Welcome to the official Relson Gracie website! Our team has grown tremendously over the past few years and we can become an even stronger team by fully leveraging the talents of our diverse teammates. The vast majority of the team has been training with me for well over 10 years, which means that we have very experienced instructors across the country to provide support and a diverse network of knowledgeable people that treat each other like family. We don't just say that we are a family, everyone has been with me this long because we have become close friends and are fiercely loyal.


Come celebrate Gracie Daytona’s Grand Opening of our oceanfront academy, AND two year anniversary on Sunday June 27th!!!

Gracie reality show in the works

Gracie reality show in the works



Jiu-Jitsu comes to power

Jiu-Jitsu comes to power
Jiu-Jitsu’s loyal subjects have gotten used to the idea the martial art will only make it to the Olympics once it has conquered the world, TV and children the planet over

abu dhabi bjj
carlos santos

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Renato Tavares BJJ Camp 2010
Tipo: Viagens - Excursão
Horário de início: sábado, 19 de junho de 2010 às 09:00
Horário de término: domingo, 27 de junho de 2010 às 18:00
Localização: Leblon and Copacabana neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro city, BRAZIL


Rio Sports Tour’s BJJ camp is ideal for who never had a chance to visit Rio de Janeiro, the global center of the “arte suave”, or for those who simply enjoy training and learning the roots of what the Gracie family has developed over the last 80 years. Rio is also one of the sports capitals of the continent, the host city for the 2007 Pan American Sports Games, 2014 Soccer World Cup, and 2016 OG's. The camp bases are located in very nice Rio neighborhoods such as Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana and Recreio (a calm suburb well known for beautiful beaches and excellent surfing). You will also visit real BJJ masters’ academies and learn straight from the source. This is Rio Sports Tour.

» Daily technical sessions supervised by highly qualified Brazilian black-belts.
» Skilled partners are waiting to help and also to share their knowledge and mastery with you.
» Fresh fruits and healthy food are some of the best part of day, to keep you ready for the next sport session.

» A colorful city, welcoming locals and amazing tours are also part of this wonderful place. Thus, very soon you will also become a carioca.!/event.php?eid=161985193977&index=1


new gracie magazine , world bjj pro 2010 cover

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jordan news:

اتحاد الجوجيتسو ينظم بطولة التحدي العالمية والمنتخب يتصدر التصنيف العربي

عمان - نزارعرار - اعلن امين سر اتحاد الجوجيتسو زيد ميرزا توجه الاتحاد اقامة بطولة التحدي العالمية(MMA) خلال شهر تشرين الاول القادم في البحر الميت بمشاركة ابطال عالميين .
وبين ميرزا في حديث ل «الرأي» بان اقامة بطولة التحدي ياتي لمواصلة النجاحات التي تحققت في البطولات السابقة، مضيفا بان الاتحاد سينظم ايضا بطولة العرب خلال شهر كانون الأول القادم في قاعة الارثوذكسي.
واشار بان المنتخب الوطني سيشارك في البطولة الرمضانية التي ستقام في الامارات خلال اب القادم، كما ينظم الاتحاد بطولة المملكة للناشئين في الشهر ذاته.
وكشف بان المنتخب الوطني يحتل حاليا المركز الاول عربيا في انتشار اللعبة والنتائج المميزة، يليه منتخب الامارات في المركز الثاني،والبحرين بالمركز الثالث.
وعبر امين سر الاتحاد عن شكره لجلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني لدعمه لانشطة اللعبة، وقراره بادخال اللعبة في القوات المسلحة، الامر الذي عزز من مسيرة اللعبة وساهم بشكل كبير في نشرها، مضيفا بان العمل يجري حاليا على زيادة انتشار اللعبة بحيث يتم تغطية كافة محافظات المملكة وفقا للخطة الموضوعة.
واضاف: لدينا كم جيد من اللاعبين المميزين من حملة الاحزمة الملونة امثال: زيد ابوسعود، محمد البلبيسي، حيدر رشيد، سعد قويدر، صدام عبدالله، عبدالله نباص، هاشم ارخاعة، محمد محمود، محمد طلال و زيد جراندوقة ، وقريبا سيكون لدينا فريق متقدم يحمل الاحزمة السوداء، قمنا موخرا بتعيين الجهاز الفني للمنتخبات الوطنية حيث يشرف محمد البلبيسي وجاهد توغج على منتخب الواعدين، حيدر رشيد وسارة جونسون على منتخب السيدات، زيد ميرزا والبرازيليان ردوريكو رين
ولويس فريناندوزعلى منتخب الرجال، ميرزا ولويس فريناندوز لفريق القتال الحر(MMA

mundial 2010 news:

GRACIEMAG at the Worlds
2010 Jiu Jitsu World Championship


Finais da marrom/preta definidas
Estão definidas as finais na categoria marrom/preta feminina.

No pluma, Sofia Amarante pega Letícia Ribeiro.

No pena, Bianca Barreto enfrenta Fabiana Borges.

No leve, novo encontro entre Kyra Gracie e Luana Alzuguir.

No médio, duelo entre Caroline de Lazzer e Hillary Williams.

No meio-pesado, Penny Thomas pega Michelle Nicolini.

No pesado, luta entre Gabrielle Garcia e Katrina Weilbacher.

As finais acontecem na tarde deste domingo.

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Broadcasting live starting at 9 AM PST. Log in with your Budovideos account or take a minute to create one. Both our forums and our chat will allow you to discuss what is happening and allow you to correspond with our commentators on the floor.

bjj na tv :

Você já votou no projeto de reality show do faixa-preta
para o canal de Oprah Winfrey, que já recebeu mais de um milhão de votos
e continua precisando do seu clique?

+++ mundial 2010


ufaaaa, ferias !!!!!!

+ seminars:

punch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mundial 10

Kyra and Luanna take the Worlds to O Globo

Kyra and Luanna take the Worlds to O Globo

For the first time in at least ten years Brazil’s most popular newspaper O Globo reminded its readers there is a Jiu-Jitsu World Championship about to happen somewhere.

The article signed by journalist Carol Knoploch was published yesterday on the sought-after four cover of the sports section. The perfect hook: the rivalry between black belts Kyra Gracie and Luanna Alzuguir in the female lightweight division. “I’m going to the Worlds to recover my lightweight title,” says Kyra in the article, which further mentions Beatriz Nogueira and Lana Stefanac as some of the favorites to take the absolute.

O Globo announced how the Worlds would start yesterday in Long Beach, and further highlighted the participation of Kayron and Kron, cousins who very well could face each other in the middleweight division

tatame mundial news 2010: