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I Copa Paty do Alferes

I Copa Paty do Alferes
Data do evento: 09 de julho/2011
Inscrições até: 04 de julho/2011
Checagem dia: 06 de julho/2011
Cronograma e Chaves: 08 de julho/2011
Valor: R$ 50,00
Local: Ginásio Esportivo Paty do Alferes

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Jiu-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi Documentary -
Carlos Santos, Olavo Abreu, Suyan Queiroz

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dela riva x renzo gracie

dela riva x renzo gracie

ufc 134-rio


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dubai camp

Adults and teens (over 13 years old)
Part I = Thrusday June 23rd from 19 to 21:30h (evening)
Part II = Friday June 24th from 9:30 to 12:00h (morning)
Part III = Extra (Upon demand) Saturday June 25th from 9:30 to 12:00h (morning)
Kids (under 13 years old)
Friday June 24th from 14 to 16h (afternoon)

Pre-Registration (paid until Tuesday June 21st) = Adult and teens Full Program (Part I, II and III) 600 dirhams, 2 Parts 500 dirhams and 1 Part 350 dirhams.
Payment on door (paid after June 21st) = Adult and teens Full Program 750 dirhams, 2 parts 600 dirhams and 1 part 400 dirhams.
Payment, you have 2 options:
1) Go to World Black Belts Center Head Quarter (WBBC HQ) and pay it on the front desk (from 3 to 9:30pm from Sunday to thrusday). WBBC HQ is located on Alfardan Building – M Floor (it is on Sheik Zayed Road in the opposite side of Business Bay Metro Station – the entrance is by Al Wasl Road).
2) Deposit in any Emirates NBD Bank Branch, sms your full name and age to 0503949301 or email to for further information.
The event will be held in Satwa area, Dubai. We have 2 options and we will inform you the place depending on the demand. It will be published in on Wednesday June 22nd early afternoon.

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Amsterdam GT

Amsterdam GT
Amsterdam Grappling Tournament will be held on June 12th 2011
Registration is closed!!

Time Schedule Amsterdam Grappling Tournament 2011
11.30 Beginners -67kg & Beginners -73kg
13.30 Beginners -79kg & Beginners -85kg
14.45 Beginners -91kg
15.15 Beginners +91kg & Advanced -67kg
16.00 Advanced -73kg & Advanced -79kg
16.45 Advanced -85kg, Advanced -91kg & Advanced +91kg
17.30 Open Class

Be present 30 minutes before the start of your category!!

Rickson Gracie Promotes Jean Jacques Machado

Rickson Gracie Promotes Jean Jacques Machado
Jean Jacques Machado was awarded his Red & Black Belt from Master Rickson Gracie last night. The ceremony took place at Rickson's school in West Los Angeles.
Congratulations to Jean Jacques, one of the class acts of BJJ, on his promotion


Jogadoras da seleção alemã de futebol posam nuas na Playboy-
German soccer players pose naked in Playboy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Carlos Santos leaves behind a jiu-jitsu legacy

Carlos Santos leaves behind a jiu-jitsu legacy
When Carlos Santos first arrived in the UAE, there were maybe 200 people who truly knew anything about jiu-jitsu.

And, yet, when he returned to his home of Brazil last week after a nine-year stay in this country, there are more than 20,000 schoolchildren who take part in this sport every week, both boys and girls and from every background.
If an up-to-date history of UAE sport were to be written right now, Santos's name would feature as high as anyone.

The three-time jiu-jitsu world champion was supposed to be here for a month when he landed in January 2002. It is only now that he has decided to return to Rio de Janeiro to see what new challenges he can find.
Santos was originally invited to the UAE by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, who was and remains a keen fan of this particular martial art.

Sheikh Mohammed is also Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Santos's remit was to introduce jiu-jitsu to the armed forces and they would see what happened. Neither could have possibly guessed what path this journey would take.

Speaking before he returned to Brazil, Santos said: "I am incredibly proud of the work we did in the UAE. There are now 20,000 kids in schools who are involved in jiu-jitsu every week, when none took part in the sport when I first got here.

"Plus it is one of the most popular sports with Emiratis when less than 10 years ago jiu-jitsu was nothing here.
"That is my legacy and it's something that will live with me forever. I wanted to make the UAE one the world's top countries for jiu-jitsu and we did that.
"A lot of praise must go to Sheikh Mohammed who was so supportive of everything I tried to do. I cannot thank him enough. He helped make jiu-jitsu mandatory in public schools [called school-jitsu], and by 2015 there will be over 500 schools all across the Emirates where our sport will be.

"When I first got here, it didn't exist at all. If you even said 'jiu-jitsu' to someone, they had no idea what you were talking about.
"It has been an amazing nine years, although I would have sworn at the time that I was only going to stay for a month.
"Jiu-jitsu is more than just a way for these kids to get fit and stay healthy. It is about respecting others and bringing people together. I would like to think I have done that in the UAE and, if I ever return one day, I'm sure the sport will be even bigger."

Santos became the Emirates' team coach and also created other tournaments here, all from scratch, such as the Abu Dhabi International Jiu-Jitsu Cup which, attracted the biggest names in the sport to the 2011 championship in April.
But it is the work he did in schools for which he will be best remembered in the years to come.

Santos said: "The fact so many Emirati girls fell in love with the sport gives me immense pleasure because that was not so easy to see when we started in the schools.
"The most important thing is that the families supported them and there are hundreds of girls who are getting so good.
"It won't happen right away, and indeed it might take a few years for lots of reasons, but I can envisage a day when a female world champion is a UAE national."

Santos's grand farewell to the UAE was April's World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup in Abu Dhabi.
Emirati Faisal al Ketbi, 24, who fought for the UAE at the tournament, is proof of the success of his Brazilian mentor's personal quest.

Al Ketbi said: "Carlos was an incredible coach and did great work in our country. I saw for myself how hard he worked to get things done and he would never, ever take no for an answer.
"It is not always easy to persuade people in the UAE to try new things, but he is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer and gave everything he had to get as many involved as possible
"I don't know whether I would have had the opportunity to become involved in jiu-jitsu if I hadn't been given access to it at school. Carlos is one the most important people of all time in UAE sport."

Not a bad legacy at all.

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b combat

jucao camp

My name is Roan Carneiro I am Jiu Jitsu practitioner and Mixed Martial Artist.

I am practicing BJJ and grappling for 20 years , in those years I haven been fighting and many competition in BJJ and MMA

Came been Brazilian Championship,Rio de Janeiro State Championship and Panamerican Championship champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In MMA haven fought in many events in the world like Meca World Vale Tudo in Brazil, DEEP in Japan, Golden Glory in Holland and UFC in United States.

The idea I decided make this CAMP is show the practitioner amateurs, and professional fighters how some brazilian train and learn teh genuine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA. We will be a opportunity to train with the biggest names in this sport in Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Come in this adventure in Rio de Janeiro and feel that vibe and life style where only in Rio de Janeiro have it.

gq 2011:

Fighter Registration for 2011 U.S. National Grappling Championships - June 18, 2011 in Morristown, NJ
Pre-Registration COMPETITOR Registration gets you
- Free Grappling Training Seminar with UFC's Brandon "The Truth" Vera
- $20+ off At-The-Door Pricing
- Grapplers Quest Tournament DVD ($20 value)
- Free Entry into Judo Throwdown Challenge ($50 value)
- Free Entry into Wrestling Takedown Challenge ($50 value)

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mundial results 2011:

Mundial Results
Academy results:
Full Results of the 2011 Worlds
1- Alliance - 127
2- Checkmat BJJ - 59
3- Atos JJ - 44

Individual Results:

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Letter from Royler Gracie to ADCC

Letter from Royler Gracie to ADCC
From Royler Gracie:

To all my Fans.

Here is the truth regarding my potential participation in an ADCC Super Fight: I received a call from my cousin, Renzo, who told me that ADCC was interested in having me participate in their September event. I told him that it would be a pleasure for me to once again compete for the ADCC organization. Renzo said that ADCC Vice President Guy Nievens would contact me to negotiate the terms of my contract, including the purse for the match. The following day, the ADCC website reported the match and several media outlets contacted me. I stated that it would be great to once again train hard for a grappling match and that I was confident that we would be able to enter into a contract. At that point no details had been discussed nor had I even spoken with anyone from the ADCC organization regarding this match.

Guy Nievens called me several days later to negotiate the contract terms for the match. In my experience, these negotiations are always confidential. The very next day, I was shocked to learn that Mr. Nievens had disclosed certain details of our conversation to the public. Perhaps Mr. Nievens was attempting to trick me into entering into an unfair contract? Regardless of his motivation, it is deplorable that someone working for Sheik Tahnoon would, in my opinion, behave in such an unethical, unprofessional and disrespectful manner. The Sheik is a distinguished man who has been instrumental in the growth of submission wrestling throughout the world. Mr. Nievens’ actions show, in my opinion, an inability to perform his duties as VP of ADCC and unworthiness to represent the Sheik.

Everyone knows that I am a fighter. I have never shied away from a challenge. Since I was 6 years old, I have fought hundreds of matches for free, just for the love of the sport. I have fought under sport jiu-jitsu rules, judo rules, submission wrestling rules, MMA rules and many times without any rules. I have faced opponents sometimes twice my size. Cowardice is not a word in mine or my family’s vocabulary. Throughout my almost 40 year career, I achieved the pinnacle of my sport, including seven world titles. When fighting in a professional event, after years of dedication, it is only fair and appropriate for me to ask for a reasonable purse that reflects my successful career in the ring and my unimpeachable conduct as a professional athlete. Everyone who knows me understands that I will show up to any event well prepared. This entails me having to stop teaching classes and seminars for approximately two months with great financial cost to my family and me. All I am asking is for the ADCC organization to cover these expenses. I am still confident that the Abu Dhabi organization will treat me with the respect that I have earned and will come through with this match in the name of all our loyal fans and supporters

Royler Gracie

Royler critica braço direito do Sheik Tahnoon
Escalado para fazer a uma super luta no ADCC 2011, em uma revanche contra Eddie Bravo, Royler Gracie se demonstrou muito decepcionado com algumas atitudes do braço direito do Sheik Tahnoon. O faixa-preta não gostou quando ficou sabendo que Guy Nieves havia divulgado detalhes de sua conversa sobre a negociação da super luta. Royler ficou indignado com a situação e divulgou uma carta aberta a imprensa, que você confere abaixo na íntegra.
A todos os meus fãs,
Aqui está a verdade sobre o potencial da minha preparação para a super luta do ADCC: eu recebi uma ligação do meu primo, Renzo, que me contou que o ADCC estava interessado em me ver participando da edição de setembro do evento deles. Eu disse a ele que seria um prazer para mim competir na organização do ADCC. O Renzo disse que o vice-presidente, Guy Nieves, iria entrar em contato comigo para negociar os termos do contrato, incluindo o propósito da luta. No dia seguinte, o site do ADCC anunciou a luta e diversas outras mídias entraram em contato comigo. Eu falei que seria ótimo ter a chance de treinar fortemente Grappling de novo e que eu estava confiante de que seria capaz de firmar um contrato. Nesse momento, nenhum detalhe tinha sido discutido ou eu falado com alguém da organização do ADCC sobre essa luta.

Guy Nieves me ligou dias depois para negociar os termos do contrato para essa luta. Na minha experiência, essas negociações são confidenciais. No dia seguinte, eu fiquei chocado ao saber que o St. Nievens tinha divulgado alguns detalhes de nossa conversa para o público. Talvez o Sr. Nievens queria me botar numa cilada e me fazer assinar um contrato injusto? Independente de sua motivação, é deplorável que alguém que trabalhe para o Sheik Tahnoon agiria, em minha opinião, de uma maneira tão anti-ética, tão não profissional e desrespeitosa. O Sheik é um homem distinto que tem tido importantíssimo no crescimento do Wrestling e Submission mundo afora. As ações do Sr. Nievens mostram, em minha opinião, uma incapacidade de cumprir seus deves como vice-presidente do ADCC e desvaloriza a representação do Sheik.
Todos sabem que eu sou um lutador. Eu nunca me esquivei de um desafio. Desde que tinha 6 anos de idade, eu lutei centenas de lutas de graça, só pelo amor ao esporte. Eu lutei sob as regras do Jiu-Jitsu, do Judô, do Grappling, do MMA, e muitas vezes sem nenhuma regra. Eu já encarei adversários que eram o dobro de mim. Covardia é uma palavra que não está presente no meu dicionário e nem no da minha família. Pelos meus quase 40 anos de carreira, eu cheguei ao meu auge no esporte, inclusive tendo setes títulos mundiais. Quando eu luto em um evento profissional, depois de tantos anos de dedicação, é justo e apropriado para eu pedir uma quantia razoável, que reflita o sucesso da minha carreira e minha impecável conduta como atleta profissional. Todo mundo que me conhece, sabe que eu sempre estarei presente nos eventos bem preparado. E isso significa que eu tenho que parar de dar aulas e seminários por aproximadamente dois meses, com grande custo financeiro para a minha família e para mim. Tudo que eu estou pedindo é que a organização do ADCC cubra as minhas despesas. Eu ainda confio que a organização de Abu Dhabi vai me tratar com o devido respeito que eu mereço e que eu farei essa luta em nome de todos os nossos fãs e apoiadores,
Royler Gracie

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Graciemag at the Worlds

Graciemag at the Worlds
Interview: Rodolfo Vieira and absolute campaign

2011 bjj world:

The World Jiu-jitsu Championship is the world's most prestigious BJJ event. Held in Long Beach, California we'll be broadcasting live giving you front row access to all of the action from some of the biggest name grapplers on the planet.
Broadcasting live on on Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th from the Pyramid @ Cal State Long Beach

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tatame mag 184

world 2011

Academy Results:
1 - Nova União - 13 pts
2 - Alliance - 11 pts
3 - Ribeiro JJ - 10 pts
1- Gracie Barra - 36 pts
2- Gracie Elite - 29 pts
3- Mongolian JJ - 21 pts
more go to