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H.E Sheikh Tariq Bin Faisal bin Khalid Al Qassimi

Sheikh Tariq Bin Faisal bin Khalid Al Qassimi from U.A.E. took bronze medal in blue belt division in EUROPEAN BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP PORTUGAL 2011.
Sheikh Tariq bin Faisal Al Qassimi is a member of the Ruling Family of the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. As a former member of the Executive Council of the Government of Sharjah he led the Economic Committee for five years.

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Work to: "Creating Opportunities that Change Lives"

Seminar with the Stars

Come this Sunday (Jan. 30th) for an amazing fundraiser to benefit the Popovitch family, who is need after the devastating floods in Brazil. Come for a seminar with the stars for a good cause...American Top Team 2pm in Coconut Creek, FL

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EURO 2011 BJJ:

European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship Chronogram

The athletes who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each adult blue male, adult purple male and adult brown male weight division are eligible to compete in the Open Class division.The athletes who are eligible and wish to compete in this division should report to the admin table after your division is finished and the medals are awarded so that you may register.

Thursday - 27/Jan/2010
9:00 AM Blue Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
Blue Juvenile Male - Rooster to Feather
10:20 AM Blue Adult Male - Light
11:40 AM Blue Adult Male - Middle and Medium Heavy
Blue Juvenile Male - Light and Middle
1:10 PM Blue Adult Male - Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Juvenile Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
2:00 PM White Adult Male - Rooster to Feather
White Female - Light Feather and Feather
3:15 PM White Adult Male - Light and Middle
4:35 PM White Adult Male - Medium Heavy and Heavy
White Female - Light to Heavy
5:35 PM White Adult Male - Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy
Blue Juvenile Male - Open Class
White Master - Rooster to Light
6:30 PM White Master - Middle to Ultra Heavy
White Senior - Rooster to Light
Blue Adult Male - End of Open Class Registration
7:20 PM White Senior - Middle to Ultra Heavy
Blue Adult Male - Open Class
All Blue belt adult athletes who are eligible to compete in Open Class must to register before the deadline.

Friday - 28/Jan/2010
9:00 AM Purple Adult Male - Rooster to Light
Purple Female - Light Feather and Feather
10:15 AM Purple Adult Male - Middle and Medium Heavy
Purple Female - Light to Heavy
11:35 AM Purple Adult Male - Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Blue Female Adult and Juvenile
1:00 PM Blue Master - Rooster to Light
Blue Senior 1 - Rooster to Light
2:00 PM Blue Master - Middle to Heavy
Blue Senior 1 - Middle to Heavy
3:10 PM Blue Master - Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy
Blue Senior 1 - Super Heavy and Ultra Heavy
Blue Senior 2
4:00 PM Blue Senior 3
Purple Female - Open Class
Purple Adult Male - END of Open Class Registration
4:40 PM Blue Master Open Class
5:40 PM Blue Senior 1 - Open Class
Blue Female Adult and Juvenile - Open Class
6:40 PM Blue Senior 2 - Open Class
Blue Senior 3 - Open Class
Purple Adult Male - Open Class
All Purple belt adult athletes who are eligible to compete in Open Class must to register before the deadline.
All National Teams representatives must register their Blue Belt teams on Friday before 5:40PM.
The first round of fights will be in the order of registration.

Saturday - 29/Jan/2010
9:00 AM Brown Adult Male
10:50 AM Purple Master
12:10 PM Purple Senior
Black Adult Male - Open Class Registration
1:10 PM Brown Master
Brown Senior
Brown Adult Male - END of Open Class Registration
Black Adult Male - END of Open Class Registration
2:30 PM Black Adult Male - Open Class
Brown/Black Female - Open Class
Brown Adult Male - Open Class
Purple Master - Open Class
5:00 PM Purple Senior - Open Class
Brown Senior - Open Class
6:20 PM Brown Master - Open Class
Blue Belt - National Teams Match
All Brown belt adult athletes who are eligible to compete in Open Class must to before the deadline.
All National Teams representatives must register their Purple Belt and Brown/Black Belt teams on Saturday before 5:00PM.
The first round of fights will be in the order of registration.

Sunday - 30/Jan/2010
9:00 AM Black Adult Male - Rooster to Middle
Black Master - Rooster to Middle
10:00 AM Black Master - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
10:45 AM Black Senior 1
11:20 AM Black Adult Male - Medium Heavy to Ultra Heavy
Brown/Black Female
Black Senior 2
Black Senior 3
12:40 PM Black Master - Open Class
1:40 PM Black Senior 2 - Open Class
2:30 PM Black Adult Male - Finals
Brown/Black Female - Finals
4:00 PM Brown/Black - National Teams Match

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Paulão’s father needs blood donors

Paulão’s father needs blood donors
Paulo Filho is requesting help for his father, Paulo Fernando Souza Leite, who has been hospitalized om the hemodynamics ward at Rio de Janeiro’s Barra D’Or hospital, hospital bed 5U. Paulão’s father, who always attended training sessions at Carlson Gracie academy and was a friend to everyone, needs blood.
Donations may be made at Hematologistas Associados, on Rua Conde de Irajá Street, 183, in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. All blood types can donate. All that needs to be done is provide the aforementioned information
Pai de campeão precisa de doadores de sangue
Paulo Filho pede ajuda ao seu pai, Paulo Fernando Souza Leite, que está internado na CTI do Hospital Barra D’Or, leito 5U, hemodinâmica. O pai de Paulão, que sempre estava presente nos treinos da academia Carlson Gracie, amigo de todos, precisa de doadores de sangue.
As doações podem ser feitas na Hematologistas Associados, na Rua Conde de Irajá, 183, Botafogo. Os doadores podem ter qualquer tipo sanguíneo. Basta passar os dados acima

seminar in portugal:

Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . "Cobrinha" Interview

Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Rubens Charles "Cobrinha" Interview
Many years ago during one of his visits then World Champion and Co-leader of "TT" academy Fernando "Terere" told me: "Kid, I have a new student that is going to be the next big thing! He is going to be a World Champion, his name is "Cobrinha". I was later that year introduced to "Cobrinha" in Rio during the Worlds. Well "Terere's" prediction turned out to be true, 4 times true as "Cobrinha" dominated the division and won the World title that many times along with several Pan and other titles.

"Cobrinha" had great fortune to train and learn from "Terere", then Fabio Gurgel and Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti. After spending 3 years int eh main Alliance Academy in Atlanta, "Cobrinha" is seeking new heights as he moved to L.A., California to open hi own academy. We caught up with Rubens Charles shortly after his arrival in LA..

KP- You were in Georgia with Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti for the last 3 years, what motivated you to move to California?

2011 florida:

Saturday, February 5, 2011, 10:00AM
Saturday, February 5, 2011, 7:00PM
Coral Springs Gymnasium

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Come out to Las Vegas February 5th to meet Randy Couture

Come out to Las Vegas February 5th to meet Randy Couture!
Randy will be at our Las Vegas Retail Store inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on february 5th from 10am to 12pm!

From Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy:

From Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy:
The Instituto da Criança (The Children's Institute) was founded in 1994 and is dedicated to promoting social change and sustainable development through social entrepreneurship for the benefit of underserve children and their families in Brazil. Master Caique has been involved with the institute since it's beginning, his long-time friend Pedro Werneck has grown it into a nation wide program.

Last year Master Caique was proud to able to have made possible for 200 children to stay in school by renewing a vital financial sponsorship for them.

We have exciting news to share with you. For the past several years, our efforts to raise support for IC's vital work in caring for children in Brazil have been carried out on a strictly volunteer basis. Now we are pleased to announce the addition of a professional member to our team: Mark H. Hansen, a seasoned fundraiser with a Ph.D. in Brazilian history and extensive experience in helping charities. Mark is American-born but grew up in São Paulo, and most importantly, shares our passion for improving the lives of Brazil's underserved children. Thanks to the support of its friends -- including many of you right here in the New York area - the Instituto da Crianca has many accomplishments to be proud of over the past few years: Over 15,000 individuals, from infants to the elderly, have been impacted in vital ways An estimated $6 million in monetary contributions were disbursed to 21 different institutions Several tons of foodstuffs, clothing, and masonry material are collected and distributed monthly. A permanent staff of 15 professionals oversee 150 full-time employees at affiliated institutions Over 550 volunteers have been mobilized to support the IC's activities and programs 165 corporations have extended their support through partnerships and sponsorship of events. Over 40 NGO's have been enlisted to provide support, advice and networking, with a special partnership forged with the BrazilFoundation here in the USA Offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in addition to our own presence here in the USA.

To those of you who have supported the IC in the past, we thank you once again for all you done to make this all possible. For those who may be new to the IC, we would love to tell you more and hope you will choose to become a supporter as well. Please visit our English-language website at Children Institute ( ) or even better, contact Mark Hansen himself at to arrange for a brief informational visit. Mark would love to share his enthusiasm from having witnessed the wonderful impact of IC's work with Brazil's children first-hand.

Thank you for your interest
Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy

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Carlao Santos Interview 2004:

Carlao Santos Interview
Tue, 2004-09-07 08:13 — Scotty

OTM: What is your position at AABB with the Brazilian Top Team?
CS: At present, I serve as the head professor & competitor at Top Team. My fellow teammate and partner, Olavo Abreu, & I teach the gi classes at BTT. We manage the complete gi program. We have been entrusted with this program by Bebeo, Ze Mario, Liborio, & Murilo.

OTM: How did you get started in Jiu Jitsu?
CS: I always dreamed of fighting with a gi. A friend of mine took me to the Carlson Gracie Academy. I started training at the academy under Marcelo Saporito and Marcel Alonso. These two served as my first instructors.

OTM: How long have you been training?
CS: I have been training for ten years consistently.

OTM: When did you get your black belt and from who?
CS: I received my black belt in August 2001 at the BTT from BeBeo, Ze Mario, Liborio and Murilo.

OTM: What are your major accomplishments in Jiu Jitsu.
CS: 2nd Place in Brazilian Championship 1994
Brazilian Champion 1996
Mundail Champion 1995
Mundail Champion 1996
World Champion 1996
World Champion 1998
World Champion 2000
Pan American Champion 2001
2nd Place Brazilian Champion 2001

OTM: Describe a typical day of training at AABB.
CS: We have training at 11:30am & 7:30pm. We also have boxing & Mui Tai classes going on all day. BTT is a real fight center.

OTM: What do you thin of the current state of Jiu Jitsu in Rio?
CS: Like always Jiu Jitsu in Rio is very competitive. A new federation has been recently been founded which gives cash money to the competitors. This will make Jiu Jitsu in Rio even bigger.

OTM: Any plans to fight NHB soon?
Yes, I intend to fight vale tudo one year from now.

OTM: What were the circumstances behind you not being able to fight in the last US Grappling event?
CS: A week before the competition, I was giving a seminar in Newark, NJ. In my seminars I not only like to show positions, but I also like to roll with the participants. In doing so at that particular seminar, I injured my neck. I could not even walk. This saddened me. I hope in the near future that the U.S. Grappling association again invite me to fight. Perhaps in August 2002 I will return to Newark, NJ to give another seminar. If there is a competition going on at that time, I would be open to an invitation to compete.

OTM: What do you think of the Brazilian rivalry in NHB?
CS: NHB in Rio used to be extremely bad, in that there was much fighting amongst the academies as well as in the streets. But today things have gotten much better. Especially as it concerns Top Team who prides itself in being professional and engaging in vale tudo only in the ring.

OTM: Anything else?
CS: I would like to express my gratitude to On the Mat for providing me the opportunity to introduce myself to its audience. I would also like to extend an invitation to all of you to come to BTT to train. Our door is always open. If anyone is interested in me giving a seminar you can contact me at:
I also invite you to view my website:

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Open mat for ladies in Arizona

Open mat for ladies in Arizona
The AZSBJJF is proud to present, INSPIRE: An ALL Female Open Mat, hosted by Purple belt and 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Kristina Barlaan.
This event is specifically designed to allow female Jiu-Jitsu practioners to train with other girls, while also helping the growth of the female Jiu-Jitsu community in Arizona and inspiring Women to be Champions on the mat and in life.
Kristina will also be available to answer questions about techniques and give competition and training advice.
Ladies, grab your gi and let’s train! This is a free event!
Special Guest: Purple belt and 7x World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Mackenzie Dern.
When: Saturday February 5, 2011 @ 11am – 1pm
Where: Team Megaton located @ 10433 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix, AZ 85028
Price: FREE
Registration Deadline: Friday February 4 @ 11:59pm. Must register to participate! No walk-ins!
More info at


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has many benefits to offer women. Whether your desire to learn BJJ is fueled by a want to compete, self defense, or to get into shape it will bring a positive experience to your life as a whole. It’s important for women to know that even though BJJ is male dominated, there is still opportunity to grow and succeed within the sport. This art is a lifestyle in itself for whatever purpose you choose it for.
From a competitive aspect I think that women have some advantages over men that include: being more flexible, having a little more patience, and our egos may be a bit smaller. That’s not to say that if we don’t perform well we wouldn’t be disappointed, just maybe a bit calmer. Another plus about competing is attaining that goal you want to reach. The mental and physical preparation all comes together on competition day. Regardless of how your matches turn out you feel a great deal of pride and accomplishment. To me that feeling can’t be duplicated by anything else. Knowing that you have done everything you could, win or lose, for your school, your master, and mainly for yourself.
Obviously not all women want to do BJJ for a competing purpose. Another huge advantage is learning self defense. The feeling of knowing that you are able to defend yourself if an attack ever occurred is priceless. Most girls aren’t taught to be physical, they are taught to be gentle and nice but we all know that in a tough spot gentle and nice will not always do the trick. Almost all fights end up on the ground and with the techniques that you have learned from BJJ the outcome of an attack could result significantly greater in your benefit.
Of course BJJ is amazing for your body. I personally lost 30lbs. and was motivated to change my daily life in the way that I eat and take care of myself. I care more about my body now then I ever have in the past. BJJ mentally and physically changes your body by giving you: clarity of thought, self confidence, increased concentration, better understanding of your body, strength of character, and everyday problem solving skills. In addition, it is the best stress reliever you could possibly think of. If you ask any women if they wanted any one of these things they would say yes, so really there should be no excuses not to try BJJ. I think the positives of BJJ highly out way the negatives because to my knowledge there are none. The mental and physical challenges this sport brings will give any woman a new light on life and will benefit them greatly. It definitely has for me. Oh yeah, and it has given me a countless amount of big brothers! OSSSS!


nogueira camp :

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Campanha Salve a Serra - Ajude-nos a passar de 20.000 views

Vídeo solidário
Assista ao vídeo abaixo, que você estará ajudando o socorro às vítimas da tragédia na Região Serrana do Rio.

Quando passar de 20.000 exibições, ele ganhará um anúncio e começará a arrecadar dinheiro, que será empenhado na rede de solidariedade formada Brasil afora.

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Rickson, Royler, and Flávio Canto seminar to benefit flood victims

Rickson, Royler, and Flávio Canto seminar to benefit flood victims
Given the dire conditions the people of Rio de Janeiro state’s mountain region are suffering, the martial arts community is taking action in a show strength and solidarity

UFC 127

UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch
Date: Feb 27, 2011
Location: Sydney, Australia (event airs Feb. 26 in North America)
Venue: Acer Arena
Broadcast: Pay-per-view

Jon Fitch vs. B.J. Penn
Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera
Dennis Siver vs. George Sotiropoulos
Carlos Condit vs. Chris Lytle
Chris Camozzi vs. Kyle Noke

Spencer Fisher vs. Ross Pearson
Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna
Riki Fukuda vs. Nick Ring
Mark Hunt vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Curt Warburton
Tom Blackledge vs. Anthony Perosh
Jason Reinhardt vs. Tiequan Zhang

dubai bjj news:

Recently Royce has been going to the U.A.E. more frequently for seminars and private lessons. The reception there has been great, of course the U.A.E. already has a strong tradition of BJJ, but more in Abu Dhabi than in Dubai. Now Royce, who has a representative in Dubai, is proud to announce that one of his students, Sheikh Makhtoum of Dubai has been promoted to Blue Belt! Sheikh Makhtoum is a member of Dubai's Royal family.

2 seminar + new gracie mag


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Veja como fazer doações para moradores da Região Serrana do Rio

Veja como fazer doações para moradores da Região Serrana do Rio
SÃO PAULO e RIO - Várias localidades no Rio de Janeiro já se engajaram para ajudar as vítimas dos deslizamentos de terra provocados pelas recentes chuvas na Região Serrana do Estado. Shoppings, repartições do governo, ONGs e postos policiais aceitam qualquer tipo de doação. As principais necessidades são água mineral, alimentos não perecíveis (de preferência para pronto consumo), produtos de higiene pessoal, fósforos, isqueiros, velas, roupas, colchões e cobertores.

Você pode levar seus donativos nos seguintes locais:

- Delegacias, postos do Corpo de Bombeiros, Polícia Militar ou Polícia Rodoviária do Estado do Rio - Ministério Público Estadual (Av. Marechal Câmara, 370 - centro / Das 10h às 17h) - Palácio da Guanabara (Rua Pinheiro Machado, s/n - Laranjeiras) - Cruz Vermelha do Rio (Rua Coronel Bernardino de Melo, 2085 - Nova Iguaçu) e de todo o País - Viva Rio (Rua do Russel, 76 - Glória) - Secretaria de Assistência Social de Petrópolis (Rua Aureliano Coutinho, 81) - Centro de Cidadania de Itaipava (Estrada União Indústria, 11.860 - Petrópolis) - Ceasa Grande Rio (Av. Brasil, 19.001 - Irajá - [21] 2333-8217) - Ceasa São Gonçalo (Rod. Amaral Peixoto, Km 9,5 - Colubandê) - Fiperj Niterói (Alameda São Boa Ventura, 770 - Fonseca) - Repartições de Aruarama e sede da prefeitura (Av. Nilo Peçanha, 352, 2º andar, Centro) - Unidades da Aruarama Solidária (Av. Brasil, 10, 2º andar - Centro) - Sede da Assistência Social de Cabo Frio (Rua Florisbela Roza da Penha, s/n° - Braga - das 8h às 17h) - Sede da Coordenadoria de Serviços de Cabo Frio (Av. Joaquim Nogueira, 271 - São Cristóvão) - Metrô Rio, nas estações: Ipanema-General Osório, Siqueira Campos, Botafogo, Carioca, Glória, Largo do Machado, Catete, Central, Saens Peña, Nova América-Del Castilho e Pavuna - Lojas Americanas do Rio - Lojas do grupo Pão de Açúcar do Rio de Janeiro e Grande São Paulo

Dinheiro. A prefeitura de Teresópolis abriu uma conta corrente para que sejam feitas doações. (Banco do Brasil, agência 0741, C/C 110000-9)

A prefeitura de Nova Friburgo também tem uma conta para receber verba de ajuda da população. (Banco do Brasil, agência 0335-2, C/C 120000-3)

A prefeitura de Areal colocou uma conta para receber ajuda do restante da população (Banco do Brasil, agência 2941-6, C/C 15708-2)

A ONG Viva Rio disponibilizou uma conta para que sejam feitas doações (Banco do Brasil, agência 1769-8, C/C: 411396-9)

O Banco Bradesco também liberou uma conta para receber valores a serem repassados para as vítimas da região Serrana (Fundo Estadual da Assistência Social, agência 6570-6, C/C 2011-7)

A Caixa Econômica Federal abriu uma conta em nome da Defesa Civil para recebimento de verba (Agência 0199, C/C 2011-0 para a operação 006)

O Itaú-Unibanco também colocou uma conta a disposição do governo do Rio, para receber valores aos moradores da Região Serrana (Agência 5673, C/C 00594-7)

Sangue. O Ministério Público ainda reforça que há necessidade de doação de sangue para pessoas que estão feridas. (HEMORIO - Rua Frei Caneca, 8, Centro)

Shoppings. Além disso dos pontos de coleta, os centros comerciais da Aliansce, que administra shoppings, também doarão R$ 100 mil em itens de primeira necessidade. 'Se os centros de compras de outras regiões do Brasil também desejarem colaborar, serão muito bem vindos', declarou o presidente da Alshop, Nabil Sahyoun, em nota envidada pela entidade.

- Shopping Iguatemi (Rua Barão de São Francisco - Gloria [21 2577-8777) - Bangu Shopping (Rua Fonseca, 240 - Bangu - [21] 2430-5130) - Carioca Shopping (Av. Vicente de Carvalho, 909 - Vila da Penha - [21] 2430-5120) - Caxias Shopping (Rod. Washington Luiz, 2895 - Duque de Caxias - [21] 2430-5110) - Passeio Shopping (Rua Viúva Dantas, 100 - Campo Grande - [21] 2414-0003) - Santa Cruz Shopping (Rua Felipe Cardoso, 540 - Santa Cruz - [21] 2418-9400) - Shopping Grande Rio (Rod. Presidente Dutra, 4.200 - S.J. de Meriti - [21] 2430-5111) - Via Parque Shopping (Av. Ayrton Senna, 3.000 - Barra da Tijuca - [21] 2430-5100) - Shopping Leblon (Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco, 290 - Leblon - [21] 2430-5122) - PátioMix Costa Verde Shopping (Rod. Rio-Santos, Lote B, Zona Industrial - Itaguaí [21] 3781-8888)
FRIENDS, Is time to help people on this situations. TERESOPOLIS city had tragedy 506 PEOPLE IS DEAD and thousand of people now don't have place to live, no food, lost parents and THEY NEED YOUR HELP NOW.
I set up a account on Pay pal to send to help those people. If you can help please send the donation to by

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Ask a Black Belt - Episode 1


Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Marcelo Garcia Interview
Marcelo Garcia needs no introduction, the phenomenal BJJ and Submission grappling practitioner/instructor first burst in the international scene in 2003 by winning ADCC. Marcelo entered the tournament as a virtual unknown (outside Brazil) as a last minute alternate replacement. Since then Garcia won 2 more ADCC titles (2005 & 2007) and numerous World BJJ titles. Garcia has a strong following both as a competitor and instructor.