Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has many benefits to offer women. Whether your desire to learn BJJ is fueled by a want to compete, self defense, or to get into shape it will bring a positive experience to your life as a whole. It’s important for women to know that even though BJJ is male dominated, there is still opportunity to grow and succeed within the sport. This art is a lifestyle in itself for whatever purpose you choose it for.
From a competitive aspect I think that women have some advantages over men that include: being more flexible, having a little more patience, and our egos may be a bit smaller. That’s not to say that if we don’t perform well we wouldn’t be disappointed, just maybe a bit calmer. Another plus about competing is attaining that goal you want to reach. The mental and physical preparation all comes together on competition day. Regardless of how your matches turn out you feel a great deal of pride and accomplishment. To me that feeling can’t be duplicated by anything else. Knowing that you have done everything you could, win or lose, for your school, your master, and mainly for yourself.
Obviously not all women want to do BJJ for a competing purpose. Another huge advantage is learning self defense. The feeling of knowing that you are able to defend yourself if an attack ever occurred is priceless. Most girls aren’t taught to be physical, they are taught to be gentle and nice but we all know that in a tough spot gentle and nice will not always do the trick. Almost all fights end up on the ground and with the techniques that you have learned from BJJ the outcome of an attack could result significantly greater in your benefit.
Of course BJJ is amazing for your body. I personally lost 30lbs. and was motivated to change my daily life in the way that I eat and take care of myself. I care more about my body now then I ever have in the past. BJJ mentally and physically changes your body by giving you: clarity of thought, self confidence, increased concentration, better understanding of your body, strength of character, and everyday problem solving skills. In addition, it is the best stress reliever you could possibly think of. If you ask any women if they wanted any one of these things they would say yes, so really there should be no excuses not to try BJJ. I think the positives of BJJ highly out way the negatives because to my knowledge there are none. The mental and physical challenges this sport brings will give any woman a new light on life and will benefit them greatly. It definitely has for me. Oh yeah, and it has given me a countless amount of big brothers! OSSSS!