Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Renato Tavares
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Renato Tavares to Host Seminar in Tampa
Professor Renato Tavares will be hosting a seminar on October 13th in Tampa . The seminar will be at the American Dragon Dojo at 4327 Gunn Hwy Tampa FL 33624
The first part of the seminar will cover techniques with the gi, while the second part of the seminar will cover techniques without the gi. Admission price is $70.00 per person. Space is limited, so sign up quickly, and don’t miss the chance to train with this legend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. To reserve a spot call: Jeff 727-224-7852 or Ed 813-249-2235

Continental Cup 2007
The 2007 Continental Cup of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be held on November 17th 2007 at Douglas High School in Parkland , Florida . Registration ends November 14th, so don’t miss your chance to compete. For more information, contact: Renato Tavares (754) 214 2351 OR Armando Conde (786) 286 4110

Renato Tavares and Alex
with Orlando Magic Cheers Leaders.

Renato Tavares and Alex “Bada”Andrade met the Orlando Magic cheerleaders this past Monday, October 1st. Renato and Bada gave an introductory class to the ladies, covering various topics on women’s self defense. Renato gave instruction on what to do if an aggressor confronts a woman face-to-face, or chooses to attack the woman from behind. Renato and Bada also covered breaking the grips and retaliatory attacks for the purpose of stopping the assailant, and retreating to safety.

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Upcoming Events
Event Date Location Contact
South Florida of BJJ September 29 Coral Springs, FL RenatoTavares(754)214-2351
Matt Grice at RTEFA October 1-6 Orlando, FL RenatoTavares(754)214-2351
Tampa Seminar October 13 Tampa, FL Jefferey
(727) 321-0557
BJJ and MMA Seminar October 20-21 Elizabethtown, KY Jason Keaton
Continental Cup
(international event) November 17 Parkland, FL RenatoTavares(754)214-2351

Renato Tavares Winter Camp February 8-10 Orlando, FL RenatoTavares(754)214-2351

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