Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Friends & BJJ Community,
Most of you have already heard about DEEP MAYHEM (MMA) in Venetian Macao Resort on 8th of Jan. On the same day, we also have BJJ open tournament called "Copa De Macao" followed by "8-Men Pro Grappling tournament", 8th of Jan would be the day of FIGHT FESTIVAL. Sorry for our late invitation due to there are many political and legal issues that we have to clarify before asking your support.

Followings are brief outline of the event on 8th of Jan.
1. Copa De Macao
- Open BJJ tournament just like "Copa de HK" but the location is in Macao so we changed name from "HK" to "Macao" this time. It is an open BJJ tournament therefore please kindly encourage your students to participate the competition. m(_ _)m

2. Eight men pro-grappling tournament
- This is an invitation based pro-tournament (Grappling), the winner gets USD1,500 and entry for DEEP-X (DEEP's pro grappling tournament in Japan) in 2011.

- SEA community fighters such as Quinton, Rodrigo, Yoann, Alex Niu and Andy Wang are fighting against fighters from Japan and Korea. DEEP is bringing 4 current champions to the event including Masakazu Imanari (今成正和). We are offering you 10% discount for all the tickets and sponsor packages as attached in "DEEP MAYHEM IN MACAU.doc. Please help us to sell the tickets around, and look for sponsors if possible.

I have all the tickets ready in my hand. If you wish to get discounted or better seating, please call me on 90987429 or send an email to
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me. I also can introduce you economical hostel in Macau (Around HKD200/night and can share a room).
Thank you very much again for your support and I would like to bring posters and flyers to you.
Please let me know your earliest convenient time for me visit.

P.S. I'd like to print Podium cover and would like to put your gym's logo. If you are interested, please kindly send me your logo data ASAP.
Warmest regards,
Kei Kita