Thursday, February 17, 2011

ADCC Rules & Regulations

ADCC Championship Rules & Regulations!
The Championship is tournament style; only winner goes through to the next round.
Gee, Kimono & Wrestling Shoes are optional.
No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing.
The mat area is 9 x 9 meters, no cage or fence.
If the fighters go out of this area the referee will restart the fight in the centre of the mat, in the same position they were when they left the mat. If the fighters were standing, they will start again facing each other.

How You Can Win:
The winner will be decided according to:
* If one competitor gives up or submits by tapping the leg, arm or verbally
* If Referee feels one competitor is unable to defend himself or feels his life is in danger, the Referee will declare the winner
* If a fighter breaks the rules twice he will be disqualified by the Referee!

Winning By:
* Submission
* Points
* Referee Decision
Time Limits:
Qualifying Rounds:
* 10 minutes, first 5 minutes are without points, second 5 minutes are with points.
* 20 minutes, where first 10 minutes are without positive points, only with negative points.
- 10 Minutes overtime if there is a draw and 20 minutes overtime on the finals.
- The maximum of two overtimes will be given and then the referees will decide the winner.

Legal Techniques:
* Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the wind pipe).
* No use of T-Shirt and no holding the shorts is allowed.
* Any arm bar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock.
* Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock.
Slamming can be used only in order to prevent a submission. Otherwise is considered as illegal.
Illegal Techniques:
* "Full Nelson" and "Crucifix"
* No striking of any kind
* No eye gouging or fish hooking
* No grabbing the ears
* No hair pulling
* No finger or toe holds
* No thumbing
* No scratching and pinching
* No kicking
* No biting
* No touching groin area
* No hands, knees or elbows on face
* No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing

Securing Points (Positive Points):
Each position must be established for 3 seconds or more being out of any danger of submission in order for points to be awarded.
* Mount position = 2 points
* Back mount with hooks = 3 points
* Passing the guard = 3 points
* Knee on stomach = 2 points
* Clean Take down (Ends passed the guard) = 4 points
* Take down (Ends Guard or Half Guard) = 2 points
* Clean Sweep (Ends passed the guard) = 4 points
* Sweep (Ends Guard or Half Guard) = 2 Points
- Reversals are considered Sweeps as well.
- When changing multiple positions points will be awarded only for the position that has been established for 3 seconds or more.
- When passing the guard going straight to mount or knee on the stomach in less than 3 seconds points will be given only for passing the guard.
- The sweeps must be done in one continuous motion to be awarded with points.

Penalties (Negative Points):
* When a fighter voluntarily jumps in the guard or goes from standing position to a non-standing position by any means and remains down for 3 seconds or more, he will be punished by a minus point.
* When a fighter disengages from contact and starts backing up and avoids engaging again he will be punished by minus point.
* A passive fighter will be warned twice and then will be punished by minus point. The referee will warn the passive player by the wards "WARNING PASSIVITY" – after the first minus given there are not going to be any more warnings and the minus points will be given right away if the fighter continues to be passive.
* If a fighter is very passive during the first half of the regular fights when there are no minuses, there will be only warnings, but the referees will punish him with a negative point right away when the second half of the fight starts!
* If two fighters (team-mates, friends etc.) make a fixed-fight, they will both be disqualified from the tournament.
Weight Categories:
Men’s Weight Classes
-76.9 Kg
-87.9 Kg
-98.9 Kg
+99 Kg
Absolute Class
Woman’s Weight Classes
Under 60 kg
Over 60 Kg
The referee’s decisions cannot be overruled!
Tapes will not be reviewed after the fights!