Saturday, September 15, 2007


29k prize pool at Asian Super Cup
Registration begins in November

We’re three months from witnessing a groundbreaking tournament for Asian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s the first edition of the Emirates Cup under a new name, Asian Super Cup, to take place in December at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. According to promoter Carlao Santos, the change is due to the growth of the tourney, which from 2004 to 2006 was held yearly as the Emirates Cup, but which now expects 150 fighters from all over the continent – both because there are more practitioners than ever, and because of the attractive prize pool of 29 thousand dollars.

The competition will be divided into two groups. Group A includes white and blue belts, divided into nine weight classes. The first place finisher in each division gets 1,400 dollars, and the runner-up wins 600. Group B includes blue and brown belts, plus judo black belts, divided into five weight classes. Each champion wins 1,600 dollars, and each runner-up gets 600 dollars. Santos says there is no black belt division because the region does not yet have any black belts. “The first ones will be promoted next year,” he explains.

The event is sponsored by Sheikh Zayed bin Mohamad bin Zayed, who also promotes the biggest submission grappling competition in the world, the ADCC. But unlike the ADCC, this will be a gi tourney, so don’t forget to pack one. For more information on the Asian Super Cup, visit .