Tuesday, September 04, 2007


HELIO GRACIE 93: The disease enters for the mouth. I never drank
nor I smoked and only eat that does well "

The disease enters for the mouth. I never drank
nor I smoked
Whenever one of the children appears in Helio Gracie's ranch, in Itaipava, the encounter invariably ends in the tatame. The great master of the jiu-jítsu dresses the kimono and it is going to the fight, in spite of your 93 years and of having to face people feared in the universe of the martial arts: Rickson, Rorion, Rolker, Royler... He trains positions in the soil and it passes teachings to the offspring, as display the picture above, in that trains with Royler, 41 years. Helio is hard in the fall. In the ranch where lives with the woman, Vera, already traveled each piece of the area of 300.000 square meters, be to the steering wheel of your car, be to foot. He picks green vegetables in the vegetable garden and then, to the edge of the dam, it is capable to fling ration to the fish dozens of times. He only remembers to have gotten sick once in a lifetime. It was " when fall of the roof, about fifteen years ago ", he remembers. It attributes the shield imunológico to the diet for there of healthy, to the base of fruits, vegetables and green vegetables, with just a " pot " meal a day. The disease enters for the mouth. I never drank nor I smoked and only as what he does well ", he tells. " The palate, sometimes, betrays the subject ". THE body is the best billboard in your life way. Of the 18 years to there is very little time, he weighed 63 kilos–ideal for your 1,70 meter. " Now I am with 60 kilos ", bill. The well-being that enjoys it is other reason for the longevity. " Here in the mountain I don't have neighbors to disturb " me.

Helio moved to Rio still in the childhood. The family came from Pará, where he was born and she did with the brother your Carlos novitiate in the jiu-jítsu. As it was fragile, it was more observing the brother's blows. Little by little, it invented movements and it created a new form of the fight, today spread for the world. To conquer respect of the other modalities, it challenged the personnel of the capoeira, of the karate and of the kung fu. Plus than respect, won fame of good of fight and it transformed the last name of the family in a brand. Your academy, open in 1952 and 22 years ago installed at the School Priest Antônio Vieira, in Humaitá, it already counts more than 8 000 students. Once in a while he still goes there. He doesn't go down more alone to Rio. It can happen of holing the tire of the car ", it justifies. I am being judged.