Saturday, August 25, 2007


Brasa with eye on absolute
Leozinho bets on Drysdale, Galvao and Cavaca

“I respect Roger a lot, as he’s a great fighter, but we've come to win and I have faith in out athletes,” responds Leo Vieira to the query about his team’s ambitions in the 2007 Worlds. The Brasa leader spoke in English to the new department.

Leozinho also described the training of his 35 students divided into three teams, ten of which are black belts. “We train a lot in Brazil, as we’ve been in several competitions. We’ve been training in the States nearly a month in two daily sessions.” Viera finished the chat praising the fact that the event is being held in the USA: “Here we are in between Europe, Japan and Brazil. More people can come. It is good for the sport,” opined the three-time ADCC champ.