Sunday, August 26, 2007


BJJ Worlds results as they come in
Black belts quarterfinalists in action
Quarterfinals – Black belt - male - adult

The final day of the 2007 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship is under way in the California State University gymnasium, and is there, covering everything taking place in the disputes for the final stages of the black belt category.

Check out the results and come back to this bulletin shortly for more information.


Bruno Malfacine (UGF) submitted Felipe Costa (Brasa) via foot lock
Oga Mikio (Neowaza World) defeated Thiago Magalhães (ATT) by points (2 x 0)

Yusuke Honma (Paraestra) defeated Daniel Otero (Fabrício JJ) by points (9 x 2)
André Soares (ATT) submitted Tomari Kienshi (Brasa) via armlock

Bruno Malfacine vs. Oga Mikio
Yusuke Honma vs. André Soares

Super featherweight

Samuel Cruz (Gracie Barra) defeated Renato Teixeira (Godoi JJ) by points (2 x 0)
Bernardo Pitel (Nova União) defeated Yoshihiro Fujita (Paraestra) by points (14 x 0)

Robson Moura (Nova União) defeated Dai Yoshioka (Dai Yoshioka) by points (5 x 2)
Carlos Hollanda (Oswaldo Alves) defeated Caio Terra (Strauch) by advantages (3 x 2)

Samuel Cruz vs. Bernardo Pitel
Robson Moura vs. Carlos Hollanda


Bruno Frazatto (Godoi JJ) defeated Rodrigo Ranieri (Brasa) by 6 to 2
Rubens Charles Cobrinha (Alliance) submitted Augusto Mendes (Álvaro Mansur) with a choke from the back

Jonatas Gurgel (Jordan Team) defeated Sasa Yurinori (Paraestra) by 4 to 0
Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) submitted Wilson Reis (Godoi JJ) with an armbar


Celso Vinícius (Gracie Barra) defeated Carlos Vieira (Cia Paulista de JJ) by 2 to 0
Lucas Lepri (Alliance) defeated Cláudio Calazans (Oswaldo Alves) by 4 to 2

Rafael Barbosa (BTT) defeated Tiago Alves (Barbosa JJ) by 4 to 2
Michel Maia (Nova União) defeated Daisuke Sugie (Alive) by 2 to 0