Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Roger absolute champion
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It was a victory of perseverance. After being runner up four times in the main category of the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds, three of which were lost in dramatic decisions, Roger Gracie finally conquered the dreamed of gold medal in the absolute. His crowning can after beating Romulo Barral, of Gracie Barra BH. With the conquest Roger became the first Gracie to be absolute black belt champion since the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship’s creation in 1996.

To reach the title, the Gracie Barra UK leader overcame Rominho with a choke from the back. Before applying the defining hold, Roger was already winning 10 to 0 after having managed to get the take down and take the back twice.

Now having qualified for his fifth absolute final in a row, Roger told GRACIEMAG.com: “This one is mine and nobody is taking it from me.” And he was right…


Guaranteed to fight in the final of the absolute, Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) has gained even more morale by beating Robert Drysdale (Brasa) in the super heavyweight decision, thus becoming the five-time world champion in the category. He won the gold with a choke from the back when Roger would have won anyway from a reversal.


Roger’s adversary in the absolute final, Romulo Barral showed he is still on top and stopped Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) from taking the highest spot on the winner’s podium for the seventh time in his career. The triumph cam with two sweeps and a takedown, and the final score was 6 to 0 for the Vinicius Draculino student in Gracie Barra BH.


The surprise Japanese black belt, Yusuke Honma could not hold out against the best game of the Brazilian Bruno Malfacine and ended up submitted by the UGF fighter when he was already losing by 12 to 2. Honma thus missed his chance to achieve the same feat of BJ Penn, featherweight champion in 2000, in becoming the first non-Brazilian to take gold as a black belt.


The super featherweight saw the crowning of one of the greatest winners in the history of the Worlds. Champion in 1997/98/99 and 2000, Robson Moura defeated Samuel Cruz (Gracie Barra) by 4 to 2 advantage points, thus adding another gold medal to his impressive collection.


Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles defended the title he won last year with style. With a choke from the back the athlete from Alliance submitted Mario Reis (Gracie Barra). Before applying the final blow, Cobrinha was already winning by 3 to 0 from having managed to pass the guard.


Missing the opportunity to win his second absolute title did not shake Xande Ribeiro. With determination, the Gracie Humaita black belt took down and passed the guard of Roberto Tussa, to then submit the Gracie Barra representative with a choke from the mount.


If the Japanese fighter Honma was unable to repeat the feat of BJ Penn, the same can not be said about Rafael Lovato Jr. The Gracie Humaita black belt, and native of Oklahoma City defeated Luiz “Big Mac” Theodoro in a breathtaking final. This was because with the score tied, the American was losing on advantages till the final seconds of the fight. However, his determination prevailed and Lovato managed to come up with the necessary advantage, bringing the crowd present in the gymnasium to its feet.


ROOSTER - Bruno Malfacine (UGF) submitted Yusuke Honma (Paraestra) with a choke
SUPER FEATHER - Robson Moura (Nova União) defeated Samuel Cruz (Gracie Barra) by advantages (4 to 2)
FEATHER - Rubens Charles (Alliance) submitted Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) with a choke from the back
LIGHT - Lucas Lepri (Alliance) submitted Michel Maia (Nova União) with a choke
MIDDLE - André Galvão (Brasa) and Lucas Leite (Brasa) will not dispute final. According to Brasa, Lucas Leite will receive the medal
MEDIUM HEAVY - Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra) defeated Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) by 6 to 0
HEAVY - Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Roberto Tussa (Gracie Barra) with a choke from the mount
SUPER HEAVY - Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) submitted Robert Drysdale (Brasa) with a choke from the back
SUPER SUPER HEAVY - Rafael Lovato Jr. (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Luiz Big Mac (Godói JJ) by judges' decision



André Galvão (Brasa) submitted Cássio Werneck (C. Werneck) with a choke
Gustavo Campos (Sul JJ) submitted Christian Ufaleck (Gracie Barra) with a choke

Lucas Leite (Brasa) defeated Regis Lebre (Gracie Humaitá) p/ 20 to 5
Murilo Santana (Yamasaki) submitted Gregor Gracie (Gracie Barra) with an armbar

FINAL: André Galvão (Brasa) vs Lucas Leite (Brasa) - As both are from the same team, there will be no final. The decision as to who will be champion is up to team Brasa.

Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra) submitted João Oliveira (Gracie Barra America) with a choke from the mount
Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Tarsis Humphreys (Alliance) by advantages (4 to 2) after a 2 - 2 draw

FINAL: Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra) vs Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá)

Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Flavio Almeida (Gracie Barra) by 5 to 0
Roberto Alencar (Gracie Barra) submitted Thiago Gaia (Nova União) with a triangle

FINAL: Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) vs Roberto Tussa Alencar (Gracie Barra)

Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) submitted Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros (Brasa) with a choke from the mount
Robert Drysdale (Brasa) defeated Antonio Braga Neto (Gracie Barra) 8 to 0

FINAL: Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) vs Robert Drysdale (Brasa)

Rafael Lovato (Gracie Humaitá) vs Rodrigo Cavaca (Brasa)
Luiz Big Mac (Godoi JJ) vs Vinícius Magalhães (Gracie Humaitá)


Quarterfinals results:


André Galvão (Brasa) submitted Cássio Werneck (C. Werneck) by choke
Gustavo Campos (Sul JJ) submitted Christian Ufaleck (Gracie Barra) by choke
Lucas Leite (Brasa) defeated Regis Lebre (Gracie Humaitá) by 20 to 5
Murilo Santana (Yamasaki) submitted Gregor Gracie (Gracie Barra) by arm bar

Medium Heavyweight

Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra) submitted Roger Alexander (Alliance) by triangle
João Oliveira (Gracie Barra America) defeated Raul Castillo (R. Castillo JJ) by 5 to 4

Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Raphael Abi-Rihan (Carlson Gracie) by 4 to 0
Tarsis Humphreys (Alliance) defeated Theodoro Prata (Brasa) by 2 to 0


Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaitá) submitted Roberto Godoi (Godoi JJ) by triangle
Flávio Almeida (Gracie Barra) defeated Eduardo Telles ( Nine Nine) by 2 to 0

Thiago Gaia (Nova União) defeated Danilo Vilefort (ATT) by 10 to 2
Roberto Alencar (Gracie Barra) defeated Roberto Tozi (Godoi/Tozi) by 6 to 0

Super Heavyweight

Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) submitted Adriano Camolesi (Godoi JJ) by choke
Rodrigo Medeiros (Brasa) submitted Sidnei Gomes (Barbosa JJ) by forearm choke

Robert Drysdale (Brasa) submitted Paulo Ribeiro (Gracie Barra) by choke
Antônio Braga Neto (Gordo JJ) defeated Roberto Abreu (BJJ Revolution) by advantages (5 to 0) after 2-2 draw

Super super heavyweight

Rafael Lovato (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Bruno Paulista (Gracie Barra) by 8 to 2
Rodrigo Cavaca (Brasa) defeated Guilherme Jesus (Leo Dalla / Guigo JJ)

Luiz Big Mac (Godoi JJ) defeated Ulpiano Malachias (Gracie Barra Santa Ana) 4 a 0
Vinícius Magalhães (Gracie Humaitá) submitted Fábio Costa (Gracie Barra)