Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . 2007 Worlds Quick report Its Roger Gracie v Romulo Barral for the Absolute and Kron Gracie submits 5 on his way to the gold

After along day in the 2007 Worlds the big news is that "Xande" Ribeiro won't be defending his Absolute title this year as he lost to Romulo Barral in the semi's by 2 advantages to 0. Roger Gracie dominated his side of the bracket by submitting most of his opponents and having the "fight of the event" so far with Fernando "Margarida" in the quarters. After a quick takedown Roger awas up 2 x 0 when Margarida returned the favor with a takedown and a pass for a 5 x 2 lead plus 2 advantages. With 3 minutes to go MArgarida had the score and side control with the lapel under the head control. Roger's dad Mauricao Gomes was watching another nightmare in the making, when suddenly Roger exploded off the bottom, escaped the control and reversed all in one motion! Now it was 5 x 4 with still 2 ads for Margarida. Roger then processed to pass Margarida's guard at least a couple more times and secure the win convincingly. After the win Roger faced Roger Drysdale in the semis and submitted him to reach the finals.

Kron Gracie submitted all five of his opponents including Absolute winner Otavio Souza in the finals to win the Brown middle weight. An emotional Kron kissed the inside of his Gi (where the picture of his late brother Rockson is permanently printed) dedicating the win to him. After the fight, proud papa Rickson hugged Kron for a very emotion filled moment. When asked if Kron was ready to be graduted Rickson was quick to oint out: "We have to look into that but he still can learn a lot ."

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