Sunday, August 26, 2007


Before the victory, instructions and massage.

Kron brown champion
Rickson:’He was already a black belt and nobody knew’

The plan worked out. After not showing up to fight in the brown belt absolute, Kron Gracie went into the fight for the middleweight gold full of fire: "I didn't want to hurt myself fighting heavier guys," said Kron to the camera, already with the gold medal hanging from his neck. The new accessory came after the sweet choke he applied to the absolute champion, Otavio Sousa.
The win, however, would not come easy. Kron started off behind on the score cards and a takedown almost took him out of the fight: "My arm got trapped in the middle of my gi and I fell on my neck. I felt the reverberations along my whole spine."

Beside his son, after a teary embrace, Rickson Gracie revealed just how close his son is to being a black belt: "Closer than you would think. In fact, he needs to learn to fight in the black belt now, where he will face older and more experienced guys," said a father unable to hide his pride.